5 Reasons Why a Managed Farmland is a Good Investment

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A managed farmland refers to agricultural land that is professionally supervised and operated by experienced agricultural experts or professionals. They take charge of various agricultural activities, including crop selection, planting, fertilisation, irrigation, harvesting, and marketing. Are you looking for the best-managed farmland near me to invest in? Look no further. Sharanya Farms is one of the best-managed farmland options in Bangalore for an affordable investment. 

The goal of investing in managed farmland is to maximise the land’s productivity and financial returns while minimising operational risks. Managed farmland has become a thriving investment prospect as investors look to diversify their portfolios. Here, let’s explore 5 reasons why investing in Managed Farmland is a good decision for you. 

The Benefits of Investing in Managed Farmland

Farmland is a unique investment for many reasons, each of them offering a distinct advantage. Managed farmland investments generally involve individuals purchasing agricultural land and entrusting its management to experienced agricultural professionals. If you are looking for farmland for sale near me then Sharanya Farms is one of the best choices where the professionals handle all aspects of farming, including crop selection, and harvesting, to optimise productivity and revenue. Farmland can provide a variety of benefits. Let’s explore some reasons why farmlands are a good choice for investment.

Stable Income Stream:

 Managed farmland investments can generate consistent income through leasing arrangements or crop yields. Agricultural commodities like food and fibre remain in demand, providing a reliable income source. By growing crops on farmlands, money can be generated from the sale of goods and services related to their land. In addition, by stocking up on livestock feed or food grains, farmland can provide some form of financial security over the long term. Farmland investments are often considered stable and tangible assets. The demand for agricultural products tends to remain consistent, providing a stable foundation for returns.

Contributes to Sustainable Practices:

Managed farmland provides diversification benefits, as its performance is not closely associated with traditional financial markets like bonds and stocks. Investing in agriculture contributes to supporting food security, sustainable practices, and responsible land management. The environmental benefits of agricultural land include reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing air quality. It also helps to prevent soil erosion, which can lead to water shortages and climate change.

Income Generation:

Managed farmland can generate income through agricultural activities. Investors may lease the land to farmers or engage in agricultural ventures themselves. If you are in search of the best agricultural land for sale near me, then investing in Sharanya Farms will be a wise decision where you get numerous benefits. This income can provide a steady cash flow, making farmland a potentially attractive option for long-term investors.

Diversification of Portfolio:

Including managed farmland in an investment portfolio can enhance diversification. Farmland returns may not always correlate with traditional financial markets, such as stocks or bonds. Diversification can help reduce overall portfolio risk, especially during economic downturns or market volatility.

Long-Term Appreciation:

While farmland can provide steady income, it also has the potential for long-term appreciation. As the global population continues to grow, the demand for food increases, which can contribute to the value of productive farmland. Well-managed farmland in regions with favourable agricultural conditions may experience capital appreciation over time.


Investing in managed farmland offers a lucrative opportunity for individuals seeking consistent returns, diversified portfolios, and a chance to support sustainable agricultural practices. Through the guidance of agricultural experts, investors can reap the advantages of farmland ownership without engaging in the complexities of active farming. Investing in managed farmland not only offers the potential for financial benefits but also contributes to the global need for sustainable food production. 

As the world population continues to grow, the importance of well-managed and productive farmland will only increase, making it a thriving investment opportunity with a promising future. So Investing in farmland can have numerous benefits. Sharanya Farms is a Managed farmland near Mysore Road with years of experience and expertise, we deliver the best farm and agricultural land services. If you’re looking for agricultural land near me or invest in land for real estate purposes, consider our managed farmland. Before investing in managed farmland or any other alternative asset, it’s advisable to conduct thorough research, seek advice from financial professionals, and carefully assess the specific conditions and opportunities in the chosen region.

Investing in farmland allows you to explore new things and create a better world through eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Want to gain more insights into investing in agricultural farmland? Get in touch with our experts.

Recreational Retreat: 6 Ways to Refresh Your Mind on Managed Farmland

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Today most people are returning to the land of natural beauty and cultural richness, healthy food and open spaces. A managed farmland can provide a serene and refreshing environment for a recreational retreat. If you are in Bangalore and searching for the best-managed farmland near me for a recreational retreat from bustling city life. Look no further than Sharanya Farms. Our magnificent Sharanya Farms offers a unique blend of scenic beauty, tranquillity and contemporary conveniences. Whether you want to simply seek a relaxing getaway, this is the ideal destination for you.

Managed Farmlands are the perfect destination for your vacations where you can enjoy seamless facilities and amenities. Today, let’s explore six ways to refresh your mind while enjoying a retreat on managed farmland:

Embrace Nature and Luxurious Living With Our Managed Farmland

With the perfect combination of serene landscapes, luxurious facilities and amenities, managed farmlands present an unparalleled opportunity for those seeking a fulfilling and balanced life with their family and dear ones. Sharanya Farms, a managed farmland offers you the chance to embrace nature and simple living that coexist harmoniously. In this beautifully managed farmland, you can explore the greenery trees, melodious chirping of birds, and fresh air.

Refresh Your Mind With a Variety of Amenities

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of city living and immerse yourself in the tranquil haven of a managed farmland. Away from the pollution and crowd as you immerse yourself in this splendid environment, offering a chance to revitalise your spirit and relish the pleasures of farming. It’s a space where you can replenish your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. The serene surroundings, complemented by a range of amenities and activities, make it a distinctive retreat for relaxation and renewal.

Nature Walks and Hiking

Take advantage of the natural beauty surrounding the farmland by exploring it on foot. Nature walks and hiking not only provide physical exercise but also allow you to connect with the environment, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the tranquillity of the rural landscape.

Unveiling the Beauty of Nature with Luxury 

With a cool and calm atmosphere, a managed farmland ensures your privacy and security while offering convenient access to many luxury facilities. You can imbibe yourself in the serenity of your personal haven, with endless essential services and entertainment options.

Plan For Picnic with Your Family

From community events to various activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. You can create cherished memories, and strengthen the bonds with your dear ones in this captivating heaven. If you are searching for agricultural land for sale near me, don’t worry, just embark on a journey with us and we will help you with a seamless buying process. You can plan outdoor meals or picnics amidst the greenery of the farmland. This simple yet delightful activity can foster a sense of relaxation.

Camping Experience

Set up a camping site on the farmland to immerse yourself in the outdoors. Whether you choose to camp in a tent or a more comfortable setup, spending a night under the stars and away from the hustle and bustle of urban life can be a rejuvenating experience.

Fishing and Water Activities

Some managed farmland includes water bodies such as ponds or rivers, you can engage in fishing or other water activities. If you are looking for the best agricultural land near me to spend your vacation with your family, then you can consider Sharanya Farm for a memorable experience. It provides an opportunity to unwind and connect with nature. Spending time by the water can be both recreational and therapeutic. 


Before planning a recreational retreat on managed farmland, it’s essential to coordinate with the management to ensure compliance with any regulations and obtain necessary permissions. Additionally, be mindful of the environment and local community while enjoying your retreat to contribute to the sustainability and positive impact of your visit.

Sharanya Farms is a managed farmland near Bangalore where you can celebrate the charm of rural life, and we don’t compromise on comforts. You can take advantage of a variety of amenities including a swimming pool, clubhouse, and more. If you are looking for farmland for sale near me then consider our farmland to create memories that will last a lifetime. With our supportive community and team of experts, you can enjoy a fulfilling vacation. Just experience the range of adventure-filled amenities with your family and enjoy during your stay. 

Want to enjoy a worry-free and stress-free vacation on farmland with your family? Contact us today to embark on a journey to tranquillity and experience serenity.

Explore the Latest Agricultural Technologies Used in Farmlands

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Innovative technology is more important in modern agriculture than ever before. Agriculture is facing huge challenges: from rising costs of supplies to changes in consumer preferences for sustainability and transparency. There is increasing recognition from agriculture industries that immediate solutions are needed to meet these challenges. Sharanya Farms is a managed farmland near Bangalore where we use the latest technology in farming and agricultural practices to increase productivity, efficiency and sustainability in food production. 

The agricultural sector is continuously evolving, with the integration of cutting-edge technologies transforming traditional farming practices. There are many different types of technologies, such as smart irrigation, AI, smart sensor and IoT, biotechnology, and automation. There are a lot of technological advancements in areas like indoor vertical farming, modern greenhouse practices, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, which we will explore today. Let’s discuss some of the latest agricultural technologies being used in farmlands:

Agriculture and Artificial intelligence

These technologies can monitor temperature, plant health, soil conditions, humidity, and more. This can give farmers a better understanding of what’s happening on the ground through the latest technology. This technology is not only accurate, it’s also faster. If you are in search of agricultural land for sale near Mysore, look no further. At Sharanya Farms, we use this latest technology with remote sensors, and algorithms to interpret field perimeters as statistical data that we can understand and use in our decision-making. The goal is to enable farmers to use this AI to make better decisions in the field, thereby achieving their goals of better harvests.

GPS Technology:

 Utilises Global Positioning System to enhance the accuracy of field-level management with applications in mapping, variable rate technology, and automated tractors.

Smart Sensors and IoT:

Soil Sensors: Measure soil moisture, temperature, and nutrient levels to optimise irrigation and fertilisation. Drones and UAVs collect data on crop health, monitor field conditions, and assist in crop management decisions.

Robotics and Automation:

Automated tractors and machinery for planting, harvesting, and crop maintenance. AI-powered machines capable of selective harvesting, improving efficiency.

Vertical Farming and Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA):

Stacking crops vertically in controlled environments with regulated temperature, humidity, and light conditions for year-round production.

Blockchain in Agriculture:

Supply Chain Transparency is utilised to trace the journey of agricultural products from farm to consumer, ensuring transparency and authenticity.

Climate-Smart Agriculture:

Weather Forecasting is utilised for the real-time weather data to make informed decisions on planting, harvesting, and irrigation. 

Smart Farm Management Software:

Data Analytics Platforms analyse data on crop performance, soil health, and weather patterns to inform decision-making. Farm Management Apps assist in planning, monitoring, and managing farm activities.

Renewable Energy Integration:

Solar-Powered Farming: Utilises solar energy for irrigation, lighting, and powering electronic equipment on the farm.

Weather Tracking

Computerised weather modelling is becoming increasingly sophisticated. The online weather services focus exclusively on agriculture, and farmers can access these services on dedicated handheld farm technology but also via mobile apps that run on just about any consumer smartphone. If you are a nature lover and looking for agricultural land for sale near me, you can choose Sharanya Farms where we also use this latest weather tracking technology that provides us enough advanced notice of frost, hail and other weather that we can take precautions to protect the crops or at least mitigate losses to a significant degree.


Technology is making changes in nearly every aspect of our modern lives, and farming is no exception. Agriculture technology will become ever more advanced in the decades ahead! The agroecosystem is fast in elevating technology, and its fullest potential is yet to be discovered.

 Digitization has resulted in the transformation of agriculture by improving its scale, and productivity globally.  If you are searching for farmland for sale near me, you can opt for Sharanya Farms. If you are in Bangalore and looking for farms for sale near me, we are your best choice. We implement sustainable agriculture, improving efficiency, optimising resource use, and fostering environmentally friendly farming practices.  

From advancements in precision agriculture to farm genetics, automation, and water management tech, innovations in agriculture technology provide the means of safer, smarter and more productive farming. You can connect with our experts if you want to pursue the latest trends and agricultural technologies to transform your dream and the future of our world. 

Interested to know more about the latest innovations in agriculture? Get in touch with us.

Farmland Conservation: The Importance of Preserving Farmland

For the sustainability and security of human food systems, agricultural industries, livelihoods, and the environment, farmland is an essential resource. Beyond the provisioning value and services of farmland, sustainably managed farmland provides several other invaluable ecosystem services, such as nutrient cycling, economic stability, water regulation, carbon sequestration, as well as amenity value. If you are searching for the best-managed farmland near me, look no further. Sharanya Farms is the best farmland where we emphasise conservation which is a critical aspect of preserving agricultural landscapes and ensuring the long-term sustainability of food production. 

Delving into the importance of preserving farmland reveals a lot of benefits that extend beyond the fields. This practice involves protecting and maintaining farmland to prevent its conversion into non-agricultural uses, such as urban development or industrial zones. Here, let’s explore some key aspects of farmland conservation:

Preserving Farmland: Nurturing the Heart of Agriculture

Due to global urbanisation, farmland availability has been increasingly under threat from climate, social and physical factors. Having significant implications for land base fragmentation, biodiversity loss, ecological health, and climate resilience are most important. Are you a nature lover and looking for good farmland for sale near me? Choose Sharanya Farms where we always try to preserve and protect existing agricultural land resources is critical for the future resilience and sustainability of food systems, communities, and agricultural economies.

Food Security:

Farmland is the bedrock of food production. Its preservation ensures a consistent and reliable source of food, contributing to global and local food security. Sustaining agricultural landscapes is fundamental to meeting the nutritional needs of growing populations.

Biodiversity Preservation:

Farmland, when preserved, becomes a heaven for diverse ecosystems. The conservation of agricultural landscapes supports a variety of plant and animal species, fostering biodiversity and creating balanced, resilient ecosystems. Farmland conservation contributes to biodiversity by providing habitats for various plant and animal species. Well-managed agricultural landscapes can support diverse ecosystems and essential ecosystem services like pollination and water filtration.

Scenic Beauty and Rural Character:

The visual appeal of expansive farmland contributes to the scenic beauty of rural areas. Preserving these landscapes ensures the retention of rural character, offering not only aesthetic value but also promoting tourism and recreation.

Cultural Heritage:

Many agricultural landscapes hold cultural significance, representing the heritage and tradition of communities. Preserving farmland helps maintain the cultural identity of regions, as farming practices often intertwine with local customs and history. If you are interested in agricultural land for sale near me,  you can choose Sharanya Farms where we preserve traditional farming practices, and the visual identity of rural areas.

Economic Stability:

Farmland conservation plays a pivotal role in maintaining economic stability for both farmers and surrounding communities. By preserving agricultural land, jobs in farming and related industries are sustained, contributing to the economic well-being of rural areas.

Water Quality and Conservation:

Agricultural landscapes play a crucial role in water management. If you are really interested in farms for sale near me,  we have the best farmlands where we try to prevent soil erosion, improve water infiltration, and promote water conservation. Healthy farmland serves as a natural filter, enhancing water quality in rivers and aquifers.

Carbon Sequestration:

Well-managed farmland can act as a carbon sink, sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Practices such as cover cropping and minimal tillage, integral to farmland conservation, contribute to mitigating climate change by reducing carbon emissions.

Education and Awareness:

Preserved farmland offers opportunities for recreational activities and educational programs. From agritourism to school field trips, these landscapes become interactive spaces where people can learn about agriculture and connect with the origins of their food. Farmland conservation involves raising awareness about the importance of preserving agricultural land. Educational programs can inform the public about the benefits of farmland conservation and encourage responsible land use.


Farmland conservation is essential for sustaining agriculture, supporting local economies, and preserving the environmental and cultural value of agricultural landscapes. It requires a combination of public policies, private initiatives, and community engagement to effectively protect and manage farmland for future generations. The importance of preserving farmland goes beyond the fields themselves. It’s a multifaceted effort that sustains ecosystems, supports communities, and ensures the resilience of our global food systems.

 Farmland conservation is not merely about protecting land; it’s about nurturing the essence of agriculture and securing a sustainable future for generations to come. Sharanya Farms, a popular Managed farmland near Mysore Road, where green spaces will be preserved in ways that focus on resident needs and interests. If you are searching for the best agricultural land near me, then no need to worry. At Sharanya Farms, you should have the opportunity to live your best lives and provide all the amenities and facilities for a quality life. Preserving farmland and green spaces will support locally grown food, which will help strengthen the local food economy and increase community resilience in the face of climate change.

Investing in the preservation of farmland will strengthen our local economy and promote a more robust local food system, which will benefit all of us. Want to learn more about farmland conservation? Get in touch with us.

Importance of sustainable Farming Practices: Insights from Managed Farmland

Sustainable farming is an extensive practice of farming that helps to meet food demand for present and future generations while protecting natural resources, helping to reduce the negative impact on the environment, and ensuring profitability. Sustainable farming differs from conventional farming in multiple ways. If you are staying in Bangalore and looking for the best-managed farmland near me, choose Sharanya Farms, where we are at the forefront of implementing innovative practices that could potentially revolutionise farming practices and simultaneously fortify the resilience of our future food production.

Agriculture plays a vital role in our daily lives, providing the food on our tables. Food is a basic requirement for our survival, impacting our physical, mental, and emotional health, the importance of agriculture cannot be overstated. The stability of our food supply relies on agriculture, making sustainable farming essential to ensure a continuous provision of food and to uphold the well-being of billions of individuals. Here, let’s delve into insightful perspectives and sustainable practices, aiming to encourage more informed decision-making in support of enhanced production systems through our daily choices.

Exploring the Importance of Sustainable Farming Practices: Tips from Well-Managed Farmland

In agriculture, incorporating simple changes with the newest technologies can play a significant role in safeguarding our worldwide food resources, both in the present and for the future. Outdated and ineffective farming methods pose a threat to our food production and the sustainability of our future. 

Sustainable farming practices have become increasingly crucial in the agricultural landscape, with managed farmland serving as a valuable source of insights. Are you searching for farms for sale near me, we are one of the best-managed lands. At Sharanya Farms, we delve into the importance of embracing sustainability in agriculture, drawing lessons from exemplary farm management.

The key objectives of sustainable farming are

  • Preventing soil erosion
  • Promoting soil health
  • Using water and land wisely, 
  • Increasing resilience to extreme weather events,
  • Promoting biodiversity 
  • Enhancing the livelihoods of families and communities

Here, we emphasise modernising the farming industry; data-driven weather intelligence is the key to sustainability.

We are managing whole systems and landscapes. 

A sustainable approach treats less intensively cultivated areas as significant to the farm. Many of these practices have common objectives- focus on soil. Healthy soil prevents pollution,  promotes healthy crops, and helps ensure that communities and farmers can thrive.

Organic Farming

Organic farming practices are emerging by using natural fertilisers. At Sharanya Farms we implement organic farming to preserve the health of the environment as well as to promote biodiversity, improve soil fertility, and maintain soil structure. 

Preservation of Soil Health:

Sustainable farming practices prioritise soil conservation and enrichment. Well-managed farmland emphasises techniques such as cover cropping and reduced tillage, promoting soil health, fertility, and long-term productivity.

Reduction of Environmental Impact:

Managed farmland showcases the potential to reduce the environmental footprint of agriculture. Practices like precision agriculture, responsible water management, and integrated pest management contribute to minimising negative effects on ecosystems.

Resource Efficiency:

Sustainability in farming involves efficient resource use. Through advanced technologies and careful resource planning, well-managed farmland demonstrates how to optimise water, energy, and nutrient resources, ensuring minimal waste and maximum output.

Biodiversity Promotion:

Sustainable practices encourage biodiversity on farmland, creating ecosystems that support various plant and animal species. If you are in search of agricultural land for sale near me then choose our managed farmland and take amazing tips to illustrate how preserving natural habitats and implementing agroforestry contribute to a more resilient and diverse environment.

Economic Viability:

Sustainable farming practices are not just environmentally conscious but also economically viable. Lessons from managed farmland reveal that investments in sustainable technologies and practices often result in long-term cost savings, increased yields, and enhanced market opportunities.

Community Engagement and Social Impact:

Sustainable farming practices extend beyond the fields to encompass community engagement. Managed farmland often serves as a focal point for social initiatives, including farmer education programs, local employment opportunities, and partnerships with neighbouring communities.

Long-Term Viability and Legacy:

Sustainable farming practices ensure the long-term viability of farmland, allowing for continued productivity across generations. By implementing environmentally conscious and economically sound practices, managed farmland becomes a legacy for future farmers and communities.


Approaching innovative and sustainable farming practices is a crucial element in reinforcing a staple food system and reshaping our approach to food production. Our experienced farmers, with years of expertise, have been instrumental in implementing successful strategies to achieve sustainability. This is particularly evident when these practices are combined with crop rotation and a commitment to embracing agricultural diversity.

The primary objective of Sharanya Farmland, a Managed farmland near Bangalore is to adhere to permaculture principles. We aim to maximise productivity, implement sustainable practices, manage risks effectively, and reduce operational costs. If you are in search of farmland for sale near me for a long-term sustainable investment, our managed farmland stands out as one of the best options. By embracing sustainable farming methods and permaculture principles, we contribute to the conservation of valuable resources, the maintenance of soil health, and the creation of habitats for diverse wildlife. Discover the ideal farmland to commence your journey into the realm of sustainable farming. Our managed farmland is secure, sustainable, technologically advanced, and rewarding.

Sustainable farming practices play a pivotal role in shaping a healthier future by prioritising the well-being of the land and the entire ecosystem. Join us in fostering responsible farming that works holistically with nature. If you wish to learn more about our managed farmland, feel free to get in touch with us.

6 Precautions While Buying A Managed Farmland

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farmland near Bangalore	
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City life is not without its merits. But when the pandemic struck, there were too many people packed in a small area with very few resources. Every single resource, a necessity or not, had to come from outside. Be it drinking water or basic food. This was an eye opener for a lot of people. It helped them understand why natural resources and their proximity to the populated area are important. The closer you are to the natural storage of food and water the safer you are, no matter what kind of threats are in store. 

This understanding has fueled the adoption of farmhouses close to major cities. That doesn’t mean you have to be afraid of something to buy a piece of land blessed with every gift from nature. Fresh air, pure water, consoling breeze, eye-catching scenery etc are more than we ask for in daily life. 

With more and more people understanding the benefits of owning farmland and farmhouses, either as an investment or a retreat from city life, the demand for the same is on the rise. People are looking for farm land for sale near me or agriculture land for sale near me much more than before. They are also interested in managed farmland near them. 

While this is a good trend, a lot of people are having issues dealing with the legal side or technicalities related to the process. 

Let us check the precautions for buying the best managed farmland near your place

  1. Not very rural 

It is quite ok to buy land very far from the city. But if you are a city dweller, or used to living in a city for a long time, make sure that you are not buying farmland too far from the city. Say if you are a person from Bangalore, try for options like managed farmland near Mysore Road. There is a reason why people are searching for agricultural land for sale near their city. Because once you get used to the city and its benefits, too far from the city can be painful at times. For example, if you need to repair your smart TV or fix a gadget, there is a chance that you will have to wait more than a day so that someone from the city will travel to your place at their convenience.

But if you are buying a farm land for sale near your city, you are very much in comfort. You can enjoy the splendid greenery and pure air and never too far from the city to fix things that you need. 

Another benefit of not going too far from an urban area like Bangalore or Mysore is that you are not too far away from critical medical facilities. 

  1. Release Certificate From Bank

It is important to secure a valid release certificate from the bank to ensure that there are no loans or other commitments on the property. The bank will issue the release certificate only if there are no pending loans on your property. You might also consider ensuring an encumbrance certificate to ensure that the land is debt free legally. Make sure you have all the property tax receipts,  government approval documents and every important document related to the property.

  1. Tax Payable

There is a lot of confusion regarding the use of farmland for other purposes. You are usually covered while buying managed farmland. But to be in the safe zone, make a detailed enquiry about applicable taxes. Make sure that you have every information related to the expenses that may occur in future. It is also important to know when these taxes are to be paid. Some are annual, some biannual and some are monthly taxes. 

  1. Title Deed

A title deed is something that you should miss while investing in a property. Ensure that no deeds are left unclear so that you have complete ownership of the farmland. Do a thorough check and see if anyone else has any claim on your property. If any, make sure that it is solved. It is always better that you take whatever legal options you have to ensure that you are clear and safe about it. Also, try to keep a copy for future use. 

  1. Permissions

It is essential that you have every permission required for further construction of your property. You may need to add an extra room and some minor changes to your farmhouse. This includes maintaining your own livestock.  Go through every paperwork and make it clear that nothing stands in your way to make those changes. 

  1. Changes you need 

Try to fix all renovation to the farmhouse before moving in. Your property dealer can help you with this action. It is harder to go through the process once you move in. It also helps you get the farmhouse in the way and condition you love to use. 


Sharanya Farms near Mysore Road is an excellent option if you are looking for managed farmland near Mysore Road. It has everything you need to spend a splendid weekend or a wonderful retirement life. Not too far from the city and at the same time enjoys the abundance of nature. 

If you are looking for a wonderful palace to save you from the maddening city life, give us a ring.