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Sandalwood Cultivation and Returns:

Investing in 5,5 Gunta farm plot in Sharanya Sandal Valley Farms.’’

Sharanya Sandal Valley Farms represents a captivating blend of aesthetics, fostering a community-centric lifestyle within an eco-friendly expanse located on T Narasipura Road, near NH-Mysore-Malavali Road. Our vision is to reshape the essence of living and redefine the experience of acquiring real estate. Located off NH-Mysore-Malavali Road, near the prestigious World Heritage Sites in Karnataka like Mysore Palace and the top destinations like KRS Dam, Chamundi Hills, Kabini River, Talakadu, BR Hills and Shivanasamudra, the value of your land is consistently increasing every night.

Acquire your priced farmland in Sharanya Sandal Valley Farms, spread out over 25 acres of breathtaking land just a few minutes away from Kirugavlu Santhemala. Experience the royal treatment as we take care of all harvesting and plantation maintenance tasks – all at no cost to you!

Sandalwood Farming, especially for the cultivation of sandalwood trees, offers numerous advantages. This tree is a precious and aromatic hardwood known for its use in perfume, traditional medicine, and incense. Here are some other benefits of Sandalwood farming:

  • High Demand
  • High economic value
  • Low maintenance
  • Sustainable farming
  • Agroforestry benefits
  • Long-term investment
  • Drought-Resistance
  • Medical and Aromatic Benefits
  • Cultural and religious significance

Lucrative Retirement Incentive

Our land advice services are meticulously crafted to provide corporations and individuals with clarity and a guarantee of security, ensuring substantial returns on investment.

Long-term Investment:

Sandalwood trees have a slow growth cycle and generally take 15-20 years or more to mature. Once they do, they continue to produce heartwood for several decades. This long-term investment can yield consistent returns over time.

Value Adition

Consider producing value-added products from sandalwood, such as essential oils, incense, and perfumes as they provide additional and lucrative income opportunities.



  • Entrance Gate
  • Gated Comunity
  • All Round Compound wall
  • Gravel Roads Using Paver Blocks
  • Drip integration
  • Water connection to all the plots
  • Clear Title
  • Avenue Trees
  • Clubhouse with Swimming Pool
  • Sports Arena- Indoor And Outdoor Games
  • Restaurant Serving Diverse Cuisines
  • Elegant Cottages
  • Children’s’ Play Area
  • Indoor and Outdoor Games
  • Outdoor Gym
  • Gravel Roads Using Paver Blocks
  • Each Plot with Trees
  • 24*7 Security Surveillance

Club House:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Cottage
  • Towering Avenue Teak,
  • Badminton Court
  • Restaurant
  • Indoor and Outdoor Games

Special Facilities to Individual Plots

Green has always been the theme of Sharanya Weekend Village and the same is emphasized in every plot:

  • Each plot shall be with Black Silver Oak to the Boundaries
  • Ornamental Plants
  • Teak tree on the boundaries
  • Mahogany and Hebbevu Trees
  • Planted with a variety of Fruits Yielding Trees
  • Rubber trees and bouquets of choice to suit the individual
  • Coconut and mango Trees

At Sandal Farms you will find peace as we secure the entire span of land with round-the-clock CCTV surveillance to assure the safety of your property and your stay at our cosy accommodations. The property has an impressively guarded entrance arch, a compound wall in the entire territory, an incessant power supply, exclusive water connections for each plot, and durable gravel roadways.

We have created the path for land investments to be transparent, hassle-free, and effortless, allowing families to transact with trust and confidence while building their dream farmhouses and concurrently growing their wealth. Our passion for innovation, outstanding service and scalability, swiftly positioned us as a competitive force in the real estate sector.

A perfect Gift For Your Future Generation

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